Eat fat and get skinny

fat-quote3 The newest trend in diet land is to eat a lot of fat and no sugars or carbs, aka the ketogenic diet or the Low Carb High Fat diet (LCHF). There are also books on these diets and one of them is: The high fat diet this is a book which promises that you will lose fat by eating a lot of the good fats, butter, oily fish, avocados, nuts and even cream cheese(?). The author Zana  Morris, claims you need to eat fat to get rid of fat. In short; fat doesn’t increase your insuline levels as much as sugar or carbohydrates do and so it doesn’t get as much storaged in your body.  By not eating sugar and carbohydrates the insulin in your body will be low and If the insulin is low in your body, you remove your body’s normal source of fuel which is fat and you will lose weight. Next to your eating plan you need to do 12 minutes of High Intensity workouts (with heavy weights and or at speed) on a daily base.

I think people have gotten way to scared for fat and you definitely need some fat in your daily food intake. So I will try to eat more good fats but I won’t stop eating fruit because it has a lot of sugars. Sorry can’t live without my daily (sugary) fruit intake or I will go back to snacking on chocolate. What do you guys think? Click here if you want to read more about this diet.

Eat fat and get skinny

One thought on “Eat fat and get skinny

  1. mas says:

    Very interesting read. I think that we should eat moderately and normal meals three times a day. This current obsession with healthy lifestyles and dieting is only producing hungry, grumpy people who live their lives through Instagram. :p Love your critical position in this case.

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