Booties on my mind

Nalini bootie
Nalini bootie

In the last few months I totally went for comfort and so I have been living in jeans, sweaters and my Adidas superstars or my Converse All stars. Pumps and heels are too much of a hassel and I’m over my boots. So it was time for some new shoes!! Normally I would get all excited but there was nothing I liked in the shops or online.  It’s not that I was not on the lookout for some new booties but nothing (affordable) really catched my eye. My closet was getting cluttered with shoes and clothes I only liked for a season and I couldn’t find anything (I liked) to wear. So I had to make a change and that’s why there’s a new shopping rule I’m following; If you don’t love it (until at least next year), don’t buy it. I want to buy shoes, bags, jackets and jewelry that are of good quality. Of course there are some exceptions but over all I want to stick to this rule.  So I have patiently been waiting for that little gem to come on my way (or in this case to go on sale). And finally I’ve found my new to go shoes! I have ordered them and I am waiting for the mailman to deliver them. What do you think?

Booties on my mind

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