Moschino barbie collection

Moschino spring/summer 2015


Moschino spring/summer 2015
Moschino spring/summer 2015
Moschino spring/summer 2015
Moschino spring/summer 2015
Moschino spring/summer 2015


Last season Jeremy Scott started out with the Moschino collection inspired on McDonalds (click here) and this season he kept on going strong with the Barbie collection (click here). I actually like this collection even more. The models looked like real life Barbie’s and had big hairdo’s. There were all kind of Barbie’s strutting the runway, for example business woman Barbie in her little pink skirt suit, rollerskate Barbie on rollerskates and workout Barbie with weights in her hand. All the people who were attending got a box with a Barbie in the exact same outfit as the model who opened the show. Off coarse Aqua’s Barbie girl was on the sound system.  I love that Jeremy Scott is playful with fashion and comes with these cult theme’s. In real life you can combine some of the pieces with basics and it will be wearable. What do you think??

Moschino barbie collection

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